Beware: These 7 Counties In Arizona Have The Most Sex Offenders

We’ve taken a look at education data, crime rates, and cost of living information in the past, but not everyone things to take a look at the sex offenders registry before deciding to make a move or relocate. While grim, it may be an important piece of information to consider when choosing where to live. Using data reported by HomeFacts, here are the seven counties with the most registered sex offenders in Arizona (ranked by the ratio of offenders to resident populations):

While this list may look grim, the state of Arizona, as a whole, ranks below the national average. There are 8,987 sex offenders on the registry living in known locations throughout the state, as well as six incarcerated sex offenders and 510 offenders with unknown locations (due to transience or unmapped addresses). This list was compiled using the most recent data available; however, such statistics do change over time. For more information and further details, refer to the HomeFacts website here.

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