An Incredible Microburst Was Captured Over Arizona And It’s Jaw Dropping

Is that an atomic bomb over Phoenix?

That’s the first thought Chopperguy Photographer Jerry Ferguson had when he was flying in a news helicopter earlier this week and spotted this incredible phenomenon. Of course, he realized it was actually a microburst, a type of downdraft found in thunderstorms that works the opposite way of a tornado, but the initial impression of a huge mushroom cloud was undeniable.

Now, his unbelievable images are taking the internet by storm (get it?):

Microburst Over Phoenix, Arizona – July 18th, 2016 from Bryan Snider Photography on Vimeo.

Credit: Chopperguy Photographer Jerry Ferguson and pilot Andrew Park.

Micro bursts are common in Arizona (here’s one over Lake Powell in July, 2012), but Bruce Haffner’s photos are the most incredible we’ve ever seen.7947195374_9697a60ebb_k

What’s the most incredible natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen?