A Living Ghost Town In Arizona, Gammons Gulch Paints A Haunting Picture Of The Past

There are over 200 ghost towns in Arizona, and remnants of the Old West can be found scattered all across the state. Unfortunately, many of these historic settlements have been completely forgotten, with buildings left to decay in the hot, arid desert. One hasn’t yet succumbed to the elements, serving as a living museum showcasing how the American Southwest operated during the late 19th-century. Come with us on a virtual tour of Gammons Gulch, a ghost town in Arizona:

You’ll find Gammons Gulch at 331 W Rockspring Ln., Benson, AZ 85602. For more details about this unique ghost town as well as contact information for making reservations to visit, visit the Gammons Gulch website.

Have you ever been to Gammons Gulch? What about any of these ghost towns in Arizona? Which one is your favorite?

Address: 331 W Rockspring Ln, Benson, AZ 85602, USA
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Ghost Town In Arizona

August 28, 2020

Are there any ghost towns in Arizona?

Beyond Gammons Gulch in Arizona, there are quite a few ghost towns you can visit. Many were part of the mining rush in the late 19th century and were abandoned once prospects seemed slim. Ruby, Arizona is a good example of this. It was part of the gold rush and became infamous for being a common target of bandits and rustlers. It’s been abandoned for decades but you can still visit it and see the old, decaying buildings. Oatman, Arizona is quite similar – gold mine boom, gold mine bust, abandoned by the mid-1900s. You can check it out for yourself today and see the remnants of the past.

What is the oldest town in Arizona?

There are many historic towns in Arizona that have been around for centuries. Only one can be named the oldest, however. The oldest village here is not only the oldest in Arizona, but it’s actually the oldest continuously inhabited in the United States. Oraibi is believed to have been founded as early as 900 AD. It is still lived in on the Hopi Reservation, and while you can visit it, the residents ask that no photographs be taken. If you do stop by, be sure to respect them and their culture.

What are the most unique places to visit in Arizona?

Beyond ghost towns and movie sets, there are quite a few one-of-a-kind destinations in Arizona. If you still want to visit a historic town, Tombstone is a great option. One of the quirky attractions there is the Bird Cage Theatre, an incredibly preserved establishment that used to be the entertainment of the town. In a totally different era of history, you can visit the Titan Missle Museum in Sahuarita for a peek into the Cold War. Luckily, the missile never had to be used, and the site was converted into a fascinating museum where you can go underground to the launch control and see deep down into the missile silo itself.

Address: 331 W Rockspring Ln, Benson, AZ 85602, USA