One Of Arizona’s Most Stunning Natural Wonders, Humphreys Peak Stands 12,600 Feet Above Sea Level

While the Grand Canyon is inarguably the most majestic natural wonder in Arizona, our incredible mountains deserve recognition, as well. Humphreys Peak is the highest point in the state, towering nearly 13,000 feet into the clouds.

Sadly, Humphreys Peak Trail is closed right now amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’d still love to hear all about your prior experiences! Keep up with the AllTrails page to be first to know when the hike reopens!

Have you ever hiked Humphreys Peak, or just viewed it from a distance? Let us know your thoughts on this majestic natural wonder! Check out our previous article for a much lower-effort way to experience the mountain: Take An Unforgettable Scenic Drive Around The Highest Mountains In Arizona.

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Address: Humphreys Peak, Arizona 86001, USA