Bob Bear Trail In Arizona Leads To A Hidden Sapphire Cave

The Grand Canyon State has quite a few caves, but not many also boast crystal-clear, sapphire waters. This hidden alcove can be found at the end of Bob Bear Trail in Arizona, and it truly belongs on everyone’s bucket list.

Visit the hike’s AllTrails page to learn more. You can also visit the official Forest Service webpage for the trail to check its status.

Did you know about this hidden cave? If so, have you ever been? Let us know all about your experience – and for those of you who weren’t aware, reveal whether or not you’d visit.

Address: Fossil Springs Trail, Pine, AZ, USA
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Bob Bear Trail In Arizona

October 23, 2020

What are the best waterfall hikes in Arizona?

There are many scenic hiking trails in Arizona that lead to amazing waterfalls. Many hikers enjoy making the trek to the hidden, stunning Havasu Falls. Located in the red rocks of the Grand Canyon, this turquoise waterfall is truly a sight to see. You can enjoy both the awesome sights of the Tonto Natural Bridge and a waterfall on a fairly easy hike near Payson, Arizona. Another popular waterfall hike, located not far outside of Tuscon, is the Seven Falls hike. The towering, cascading falls are gorgeous to see, the trail is easy to access, and plenty of fun will be had there.

Where can I hike to a cave in Arizona?

This isn’t the only cave hike in Arizona. If you enjoy hiking and spelunking all in one, here are a few great trails. You can hike to an actual lava river cave not far from Flagstaff, Arizona. Formed by molten lava approximately 700,000 years ago, today it’s a neat tube-looking cave that’s often a lot cooler than the temperature outside. You can also hike to a place called the Coronado Cave. It’s located near the US-Mexico border and spelunkers enjoy exploring inside. A well-known, more family-friendly cave to visit is the Kartchner Caverns, with guided tours and paths to see the wondrous geological formations within.

What is the most scenic hike in Arizona?

The best hiking trails in Arizona are often the most scenic. A popular trail to enjoy the scenery of the Grand Canyon is the Bright Angel Trail. Beginning on the South Rim, you’ll travel all the way down to the Colorado River, being able to admire the views around you throughout. Another well-loved trail that has become that way for good reason is the West Fork of Oak Creek trail. Located among the amazing scenery surrounding Sedona, Arizona, you’ll see forests, red rocks, and beautiful river all in one hike.

Address: Fossil Springs Trail, Pine, AZ, USA