This 2.5-Mile Hike In Arizona Leads To The Dreamiest Swimming Hole

Arizona has some of the most intensely beautiful swimming holes in the nation. Each year, adventure seekers from all over the world line up to obtain a permit to hike into the Grand Canyon to experience Havasu Falls. But not all of the amazing waterfall swimming holes in Arizona require so much time and effort to reach. The dreamiest swimming hole in Central AZ can be found along Fossil Creek, and you’ll soon want to go.

Now, about the closures: From time-to-time, the roads and parking areas leading to Fossil Creek may be closed due to fire hazards, or for other reasons. Learn about any closures (and when they are expected to be lifted) at this link, which is the same link where you can apply for a parking/hiking permit. Be sure to have your permit printed out and in your possession upon arriving at any of the parking areas for Fossil Creek. Get directions and more information at this link on

Note: the road to the parking areas at Fossil Creek requires a high-clearance vehicle! If you’re driving a low-clearance car on this bumpy road, please pull over far enough to let the high-clearance cars behind you pass.