Arizona has no shortage of hikes, but many are long and difficult. White Tank Waterfall Trail near Waddell is an exception, however, clocking in at just under two miles. This easy hike features wildflowers, panoramic views, and a breathtaking waterfall, and it’s perfect for families given the minimal effort required.

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white tank waterfall trail

What are the best waterfall hikes in Arizona?

The top waterfall hikes in Arizona include a range of great trails, each offering a wonderful journey and a breathtaking reward at the end:

  1. Havasupai Falls is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the U.S., and obtaining a permit to hike it and camp at the base is a sought-after achievement.
  2. Fossil Creek is an unforgettable oasis featuring waterfalls and blue lagoons, reachable within a short 1.2-mile hike.
  3. Beaver Falls offers magical cascading pools filled with turquoise water. The eight-mile hike to reach it is an unforgettable experience.
  4. Sycamore Falls (a.k.a. Paradise Forks), a seasonal waterfall in the Kaibab National Forest, offers a beautiful spot for rock climbing and a panoramic view of the falls from the Sycamore Rim Trail.
  5. Chocolate Falls, or Grand Falls, is a seasonal waterfall accessible only during certain times of the year, but it is a sight not to be missed.
  6. Tonto Natural Bridge is reached via an easy trail leading to a waterfall that sometimes trickles and sometimes pours over the top of a natural travertine bridge within the park.
  7. Mooney Falls provides a challenging trail requiring technical hiking skills like using ladders, chains, ropes, but the view at the end is worth every effort.


What are some of the best short and sweet hikes in Arizona?

Here are 10 easy hikes in Arizona that are perfect for beginners, or for those who enjoy a leisurely trek:

  1. Aspen Marshall Loop: Located in Butterfly Peak Natural Area in Mt Lemmon, this well-marked 3.5-mile loop is recovering from the Aspen Fire in 2003 and shows improvement each year.
  2. Aspen Nature Loop: This trail in Flagstaff does not actually pass through aspen trees, but it winds west from the Arizona Snowbowl through pines before returning to the parking lot. It is in the Coconino National Forest at Lake Mary Rd.
  3. Baldy Mountain: This easy 3.3-mile trail is just west of Lake Pleasant. Upon reaching the short peak, hikers can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding desert.
  4. Devil’s Bridge Trail #120: Located near Sedona, this short trail of less than 2 miles is a bit steep, but rewards hikers with a stunning view from the arch.
  5. Foothills Loop Trail: This 3-mile loop trail in the Coronado National Forest takes you around a part of the Kartchner Caverns Trail and up to the summit of one of the low peaks.
  6. Hayden Butte: Near Tempe, this well-maintained, less than a mile hike is popular among college students and families for its stunning views.
  7. Pine-Strawberry Trail #15: The trail runs between two Rim Country towns and is a little under 4 miles one-way, with only a few switchbacks at the start at Strawberry.
  8. Schultz Creek Trail #152: This 7-mile trail in Flagstaff features a slow elevation climb and takes you along a fraction of Mount Elden before stopping at Schultz Tank, a seasonal stream.
  9. Wind Cave Trail: A 3.2-mile round trip at Usery Park in Mesa, this trail takes you to a small and scenic cave with beautiful views of the desert.
  10. Woodchute Trail #102: This trail near Mingus and Woodchute Mountains is the longest on the list at 13.5 miles round trip. However, hikers can choose to only walk to the edge of the mesa (3.5 miles one way) before turning around.

These hikes are not only scenic but also easy to navigate, making them perfect for a casual hike or family outing.

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