9 Easy Hikes You Can Enjoy In Arizona This Winter

While the calendar might say that winter is still a few days away, I think most Arizonans would agree that winter is pretty much here. We’ve had snow, the nights are chilly, and Christmas is just around the corner—sounds like winter to me!

In many other states, people are hunkered down in their homes to avoid the cold, gray skies but Arizonans are fortunate to have the sun still brightly shining even in winter. Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of that sun and our seasonal change by staying active and enjoying the weather and nature! Here are a few easy hikes that you can add to your to-do list this weekend. Each trail is under six miles, features a maintained path, and has beautiful scenery.

Looking for a place in Arizona that promises beautiful scenery throughout the year? We could recommend just about any place but a definite favorite can be found in This Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Hike In All Of Arizona, which features the beauty you can only find on the West Fork of Oak Creek trail.