Sedona is a place known for its natural beauty and its enigmatic connection to the spiritual side of people. Red rocks, blue skies, and cool temperatures all do their part in creating a perfect environment for finding solace through prayer or meditation. While most churches tend to shield people away from that natural beauty, there is one that uses the landscape to enhance the spirituality people tend to seek, and that’s the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Arizona:

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Chapel Of The Holy Cross In Arizona

What is the most scenic town in Arizona?

There are many stunning places in the Grand Canyon State, but it can't be denied that with all the things to see in Sedona, Arizona, it might just take that top spot as the most scenic. Surrounded by stunning red rocks, rivers, bright green forest, and big blue skies, it's located in an absolutely gorgeous area. Plus, the town itself is beautiful and full of unique shops to visit. It's no wonder why it's one of the most popular resort towns in the state. Whether you go to have fun outdoor areas or to experience all the town has to offer, it's a must-visit at least once.

What are the most unique places in Arizona?

Unusual churches aren't the only unique places in Arizona. The Mystery Castle in Phoenix is another quirky spot. The large, weird-looking yet enchanting home has quite a history. You can visit it yourself and see the many rooms and learn about the love and story behind it. To get a taste of the "old west meets artsy," visit the funky town of Chloride. It has a "ghost town" of sorts, and plenty of art pieces like murals and junk art. For a unique natural wonder, visit The Wave in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. That spot is almost hard to believe is truly real, so you'll have to see it in person to fully appreciate it.

What are the oldest churches in Arizona?

This beautiful church in Arizona is one of many, some of which are quite old. The Mission San José de Tumacácori has been around since 1753, and it was founded over half a century earlier. The building is quite old yet stunning in its own way, and you can visit it in the Tumacácori National Monument in Arizona. One of the oldest churches in Phoenix is the Saint Mary's Basilica, a tall and beautiful structure, which was built in 1903. The Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tuscon is another church that's stood the test of time, having been built in 1783 and still looking magnificent to this day.

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