10 Words And Phrases People In Arizona Just Don’t Understand

My boyfriend comes from the East Coast and has the accent and slightly odd vocabulary to prove it. He pronounces water as “wood-er,” radiator as “RAD-iator” with a hard “a” sound, and bury as “burr-ee.” He even occasionally says “I says” rather than “I said.” He denies that he speaks like this but I like to poke fun at these in a good natured way.

Since a growing number of Arizonans come from other parts of the country (and world!), I think encountering traditionally regional words, phrases, and pronunciation is becoming far more common than it was when our parents were children. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few words that you wouldn’t typically encounter when walking down the street in Arizona. Consider this a chance to improve your literacy in American dialects!

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