Ready to be wowed by some stunning Arizona scenery this weekend? If you’re suffering from a case of wanderlust, these beautiful towns in Arizona have the most breathtaking scenery, and will fill your heart and soul with a deep appreciation for our state’s natural beauty. 

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And If you enjoyed seeing the most beautiful towns in Arizona for scenery, you’ll love these lovely towns that are beautiful for their own looks and features.

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Most Beautiful Towns In Arizona

What are the most charming small towns in Arizona?

These scenic towns in Arizona listed above aren't the only ones worth visiting. The state is full of charming small towns that are beautiful just on their own, though most have a pretty location to add on to their wow factor. Cottonwood, Arizona has a steadily growing population of around 11,000, and it's known for its charming historic buildings, antiques, and other boutique shopping. Local wineries add to its appeal. Jerome, Arizona is perfect if you love historic charm, too. It's tiny, at under 500 residents, but many visitors love stopping by and learning about its mining past. Others enjoy checking out the supposedly haunted places found within.

What is the oldest town in Arizona?

If you enjoyed discovering the most beautiful places in Arizona, you may also like checking out the state's oldest town. Not only is Arizona's oldest town the oldest in the state, but it's also the oldest continuously inhabited community in the country. Oraibi, a Hopi village, has been around since the 12th century. Photos are not allowed to be taken within the village due to tradition, but its fascinating history is more than enough to intrigue people. If you're interested to know what Arizona's oldest city is, it's Tuscon. It was established in 1775 as a fort and became incorporated as a city in 1877. If you're into history, here are 12 of the oldest towns in Arizona.

What is the most unique town in Arizona?

When listing off the best towns in Arizona to visit, one unique spot certainly stands out from the rest. Bisbee, Arizona has become known as the most unique. Other than its lovely scenery, as pointed out in this article, Bisbee is full of history and lore. It's said to be one of the most haunted places in the state, if not the country. The town's mining history is rife with tragedy, and the many museums and (potentially ghost) tours you can check out while will tell you all about it. Other than its history, people love the town's charm. Bisbee's Main Street has many cute shops, restaurants, and more. When you bundle that all together with the scenic views, you have a one-of-a-kind destination.