Take A Terrifying Arizona Road Trip That’s Loads Of Scary Fun

There’s no denying that Arizona’s roads were made for road trips. Our state has long stretches of highway and many of them are often quite empty at any given time of day, which makes travel and exploration both personal and fun. But you know what would make that travel even more exciting? A themed road trip. That is why we put together this terrifying road trip through Arizona:

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Terrifying Road Trip Through Arizona

June 05, 2020

What is the most haunted place in Arizona?

There are many supposedly haunted places in Arizona, but which takes the cake for the spookiest one? Many would say that honor (or perhaps dishonor) would go to the Yuma Territorial Prison. This historic facility is full of a dark past. It kept more than 3,000 inmates during its 35-year run and over 100 of them died slow, gruesome deaths from things like illnesses. It was notorious back in the day and still is due to its high reports of paranormal activity. Many restless spirits allegedly haunt the place, especially in the "dark cell," or what we'd call solitary confinement today. People who dare step into the cell today are usually spooked out within minutes.

Are there any haunted hotels in Arizona?

If you're taking a road trip to scary places in Arizona, why not spend the night in a haunted hotel while you do? You can do exactly that at multiple hotels in the Grand Canyon State that are said to have permanent, ghostly guests. The Jerome Grand Hotel is one of them. Before it was a hotel, it was a hospital that was built in 1927. Many patients died there - some rather gruesomely - and it is said their restless spirits still haunt the now-hotel to this day. Hotel Vendome, located in Prescott, is another supposedly haunted place, but the ghosts are said to be friendly. If you're feeling up to it, you can spend the night there yourself and possibly see the ghost of a woman called Abby.

What are the most popular ghost stories in Arizona?

There are some truly chilling Arizona ghost stories. Out in the Superstition Mountains, there is a well-known ghost story many Arizonans have heard in various ways. It's the story of Jacob Waltz, or the Lost Dutchman, who supposedly found gold in the mountains and died, then haunted the area to protect his secret fortune. The luxurious Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix saw death only months after it opened, and the person who died is supposedly still haunting the place. It was a 22-year-old girl named Leone Jensen, who checked into the hotel in 1928 and never checked out. She wrote multiple suicide notes and then jumped to her death from the seventh story. According to people who have seen her ghost, she is either standing on the hotel's rooftop or in front of guest's beds. Creepy!