A Visit To Any Of Arizona’s State Parks Proves Why They Were Voted Best In The Nation

Some time ago, we received news that Arizona had received the gold medal for having the best-managed state parks system in the nation. Awarded on behalf of the National Recreation and Park Association, the award was given for excellence in planning and management. If you’re a bit biased like us, you might be thinking that sheer, unadulterated beauty should have also been a deciding factor for that category. Let’s take a look at a few reasons we also think our state parks are simply incredible. These are some state parks to visit in Arizona that you can’t miss!

Want to take a look at some of our wonderful state parks? What are your favorite state parks to visit in Arizona?

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State Parks to Visit in Arizona

January 13, 2022

What are some of the best state parks in Arizona?  

Arizona is home to lots of state parks – 31, to be specific. Each of these parks are designated as state parks for a reason, be it historical, scenic, or otherwise; we love them all, and it’s impossible to choose one over another in terms of deciding which is “best”. However, some state parks in Arizona are definitely ultra popular and sought-after, like Slide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon. That park is so beloved that oftentimes there’s a long line to try and get in, especially on the weekends. The wait can be at least 90 minutes on most days. Another ultra-popular state park is Lake Havasu State Park, which has definitely made itself something of a staple in terms of being party central during spring break. Some college kids go to Mexico – others head to Lake Havasu State Park. Then, there’s Saguaro National Park, which isn’t technically a state park but is mind-blowing all the same. Can you tell we’re obsessed with Arizona’s state parks?  

Where are the most popular hiking trails in Arizona?  

Arizona is the site of many of the nation’s best hikes, and there’s so many to list that it’s almost impossible to do so. However, the most popular hiking trails in Arizona tend to be Bright Angel Trail, which takes you into the Grand Canyon and is easily one of the most scenic hikes in the world (yes, the world). Any hikes in Sedona are bound to be breathtaking, too, and many of them are extremely popular, like Bell Rock Loop and Cathedral Rock. Hiking in Red Rock State Park is a must-do as well! Another very popular hike in the Phoenix metro area is Camelback Mountain, which welcomes most skill levels and offers incredible panoramic views of the whole valley. Interested in hiking in an unusual national park of ours? Consider a visit to Petrified Forest National Park