There’s An Arizona Shop Solely Dedicated To Soda And You Have To Visit

Wine and beer connoisseurs may have their pick of wineries, breweries, and massive stores to find their favorite drink but did you know soda aficionados have their own stores to frequent as well? They may be few and far between but the soda stores you can find offer limited edition versions of your favorites, imported sodas, and even some odd novelty drinks. There is at least one you can find right here in Arizona that stocks hundreds of different sodas and other carbonated drinks.

Oh, and before you say it’s “pop,” Arizona overwhelmingly calls the drink “soda.” ? Now, let’s take a look at the store!

POP the Soda Shop is located at 12038 North 35th Avenue in Phoenix. You can find details about their products, hours of operation, and purchasing the merchandise by visiting their website or Facebook page.

If you want to check out another unique store here in Arizona, check out the Rusty Bolt in Seligman! Read more in The Crazy One-Of-A-Kind Store You’ll Only Find In Arizona.

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