A Hike Through These 7 Slot Canyons In Arizona Will Feel Like You’re Discovering A New World

Arizona is the land of canyons so it’s only natural that we think our state has some of the best examples! Today, we’re going to focus on slot canyons, which are narrow, often very deep canyons formed by water rushing through rock. You might have a difficult time spotting these from above, as they usually only have an upper opening of several inches but they can be found in most areas of the state.

Keep in mind that due to the danger of flash floods, visiting these slot canyons requires a permit, an awareness of the weather, and often an experienced tour guide. We will make a note if a tour guide is required for each of these places.

Please note, Canyon X and Secret Canyon are temporarily closed.

Those places are absolutely gorgeous and hopefully you get a chance to visit a few of them. However, if you’re unsure about hiking these, you can also take a peek at a few other canyons we recommend in 15 Underrated Canyons In Arizona That Will Take Your Breath Away.