The Absurdly Beautiful Hike In Arizona That Will Make You Feel At One With Nature

Arizona never fails to surprise visitors with her beauty, especially through hiking. It seems that every turn on a new trail will lead you to a stunning display of color, texture, and life. If you’re on the lookout for a new landscape to explore, then you’re going to love this easy trail that sees few visitors every year.

Well, that looked fun, didn’t it? There are few opportunities to say you’ve been inside a volcano and exploring this unusual landscape can be quite a learning experience. You can find details about accessing and hiking Red Mountain Trail #159 from the U.S. Forest Service or Hike Arizona. The trailhead can be found on this map and remember to always check the weather before embarking on a trip into nature.

If you want to explore another beautiful area of the state by hiking, you will love Kinder Crossing Trail #19 on the Mogollon Rim! Read The Hiking Trail Hiding In Arizona That Will Transport You To Another World for this easy hike.