The Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Room In Arizona Is Like Something From A Dream

Do you feel like you could benefit from adding a bit of whimsy to your life? A tea party certainly has the quaint aspect of fantasy but you don’t quite find the fanciful part unless you add a childlike playfulness.

Perhaps the most famous tea party in literature and film comes from Alice in Wonderland when little Alice stumbles upon the Mad Hatter’s outdoor tea party that is filled with nonsensical chatter and strange habits. You’ve probably seen interpretations of the party in a variety of movies that make the entire scene seem absolutely bonkers.

If you’re looking for just such an experience, that’s what you’ll find at this one little tea house in Mesa!

Mrs. Potts Tea Party is located at 264 West 2nd Street in Mesa, right in the downtown area. You can find details about booking parties, other themed tea parties, and more by visiting their website or Facebook page.

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