7 Reasons To Drop Everything And Move To This One Arizona City

Aside from calling itself the “West’s Most Western City,” Scottsdale also prides itself as being the most livable city in the Phoenix-metro area. If you weren’t already convinced of that, the website Livability recently named it as the only city in Arizona to make its “Top 100 Best Places To Live” list this year (where it came in at number 40, making the top 50), where it joined five previous list rankings. The city scored well in areas such as education, creating a cohesive community, and the collection of amenities that make the city stand out above many others. It also has a reputation for being a safe, cultured, clean city, something that can be a pretty rare find for a place with a population of nearly 227,000.

If you weren’t already convinced of Scottsdale’s livability status, here are a few things that we think helps the city to shine. Who knows? It may even convince you to one day move there.

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