Here Are The 7 Best Places In Arizona To Visit On A Long Weekend

Do you have an extra long weekend coming up? If your plans so far include just sitting at home watching TV, well, I’m right there with you. However, if you want to introduce a tiny bit of adventure in your life, then consider packing your bags to visit some fantastic places around the state.

Not sure where to start? No need to worry! Here’s a look at seven wonderful places in Arizona where you will definitely want to spend an entire weekend exploring.

Which of these places would you like to spend an entire weekend visiting? Are there any other places you would add to this list that deserve an extra long visit?

If you’re a bit short on time, you might want to check out some fantastic little day trips you can take around the state. Read about some of our favorite suggestions in our previous article: The 13 Very Best Day Trips You Can Possibly Take In Arizona.