The Awesome Hike In Arizona That Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Resort

It seems as though every corner of Arizona has an abandoned place just waiting to be found by new eyes. Some are an easy access that you can simply drive up to while others require a long hike. Today, we’re going to check out one abandoned spot that still sees visitors on a regular basis via hiking and driving. Let’s take a look!

Verde Hot Spring is located approximately 28 miles southeast of Camp Verde or 19 miles west of Strawberry. You can drive to the abandoned resort via Fossil Springs Road from Camp Verde but beware this is a rough drive that will require a four-wheel drive. Or, as most people do, you can opt to hike there from Childs Dispersed Camping Area near Strawberry. Check in advance for any seasonal road closures and other restrictions. Plus, always remember to leave no trace when visiting areas in nature!

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