This Stunning Timelapse Video Shows Arizona’s Grand Canyon Filled With A Sea Of Clouds

In addition to the hot weather, Arizona is best known for its dramatic scenery. Every step across this land reveals another glimpse into a dreamy landscape you can’t find anywhere else. The only thing that makes these places more mesmerizing is the weather. The land glistens under the rain, dons striking hues in the setting sun, and looks simply stunning when coated in a layer of snow.

You can find more of Mehmedinovic’s stunning Skyglow time-lapse videos on his Vimeo page, which can be found here. They’re all quite amazing and best viewed in fullscreen at a high resolution.

Want to check out another incredible time-lapse video shot in Arizona? Since the monsoons will be due in the next month or so, check out this one by photographer Mike Oblinski.