What This Drone Footage Caught In Arizona Will Drop Your Jaw

I think everyone has their own opinion of which landscape in Arizona represents our state at its finest. The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Sedona, and the Mogollon Rim are all popular choices that combine breathtaking views with incredible history. Another contender for that spot? The Apache Trail.

Once the primary travel route for the Apache and Yavapai peoples between their homelands and areas further south, this path eventually came under jurisdiction of Americans and their armies. Stagecoaches began using the route heavily in the late nineteenth century, particularly after the tribes were forcefully removed and displaced. A few short decades later, the trail was paved for vehicle use and became a popular, though white knuckle inducing, drive for tourists.

Those who have had the opportunity to drive along Apache Trail will no doubt agree that the views are stunning, but what about from a bird’s perspective? What do they see every time they fly over the trail and its surrounding areas? Check out this video below from a hobby drone operator, traveler and videographer, Ryan Gordon, to see just what you may be missing.

Pretty amazing, huh? It also makes me wonder just why Arizona isn’t found in more movies! If you have a moment, be sure to check out some of Ryan’s other drone videos (they all look just as striking) and let us know what other landscapes you would like to view from a bird’s perspective!

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