16 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Move To Arizona

I think Arizona is awesome, hands down, end of story. Maybe it’s because I think this land is a diamond in the rough, maybe it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere else, or maybe it’s because I hate myself. Who knows?

But I can say that I hesitate to make that kind if statement out loud though because it seems to invite all the weirdos out of the woodwork. You know them, the ones living in a land of ice and snow, currently enduring a -11 degree wind chill. They hear stories of a mystical land where the sun always shines, where people are always smiling, where the living is easy, and suddenly they just need to move there.

If that’s you (or maybe a loved one or even a mortal enemy), then STOP! You should really think this over because I don’t think you quite understand what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve composed a very helpful list of reasons why you should probably consider moving to another state (like California because who doesn’t want to live there?). So, seriously: read this list (twice, perhaps) and decide if you really want to live here.

Okay, maybe we were just a little harsh but the best criticism always seems to come from the people who love you, right? If you want to read a more positive spin on this topic, check out our article 12 Reasons Living In Arizona Is The Best—And Everyone Should Move Here.