Do you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Arizona? Maybe you’ve checked from your list the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Camelback Mountain, and San Xavier del Bac Mission? There’s actually still plenty more to see! If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then check out this list for some fun unique things to do in Arizona.

Which of these unique things to do in Arizona have you already done? Tell us all about any more fun things you like to do when visiting or living in Arizona with a comment.

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Things to do in Arizona

What are some unique places in Arizona to visit?

Arizona has many incredible natural places to explore. We also have some interesting man-made locations that are worth checking out too. Here are some unique places in Arizona to visit:

  • Biosphere 2, Oracle, AZ: If you've ever wondered what it might look like to live on Mars, this biosphere is the way to go. The research facility at Biosphere 2 was created in the 1980s to do just that - test how we would survive on other planets. It is open to the public so you can check it out.
  • The Boneyard, Tucson, AZ: If you just heard the name you might think this is a creepy haunted cemetery - it may be a cemetery of sorts but the only thing that goes here to die are airplanes. Both commercial and military airplanes that are no longer in use are stored here. Indefinitely, or until they are repurposed for museums or restored for reuse. The one in Tucson is the largest known boneyard.
  • Sedona Vortexes, Sedona, AZ: Sedona has always been an incredibly beautiful place with the magic of the desert inspiring visitors with its interesting rock formations and desert landscape. But is there a natural energy that flows through this area? Many people believe so. It is called a vortex - a healing energy that flows through the earth. The four most popular vortexes in Sedona are at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon.
  • The Thing?, Dragoon, AZ: What is the Thing? A tourist trap, yes. A roadside attraction? Yes. Something you have to see to believe? Maybe. Whatever it is you'll see signs for it scattered all over Interstate 10 near Dragoon. It is one of those unique places in Arizona you need to visit just so you are in on the secret.