These 12 Places In Arizona Make The Best Sandwiches EVER

When I was a kid, making a sandwich meant slapping two slices of bread together with peanut butter and jam spread inside or a slice each of bologna and floppy Kraft cheese. Sometimes I liked to add potato chips and the crunchiest (i.e., the least nutritional) part of iceberg lettuce inside if I was feeling fancy.

I think my tastes have matured a bit since then; I’ve long since abandoned the processed cheese and now use more nutritious lettuces, like arugula for a little spicy kick. But finding a sandwich that truly hits the spot can be difficult. Here are 14 locally-owned sandwich shops in Arizona where you can chow down during your next lunch break.

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What is your favorite go-to sandwich when you’re hungry? Let us know what you like to eat and where in the comments.