12 Places In Arizona That Make You Feel Like You’re Actually On Mars

One of the things I hear repeatedly from visitors to our state is just how beautiful the land is here. Yup, I agree! We’re blessed to have some incredibly diverse environments which look absolutely stunning in person and on film. In fact, you could probably even argue that some areas of our state look like they could be from another planet.

The one planet that comes to mind: Mars.

In fact, the terrain on Mars is a bit more diverse than just the red landscapes you often see in media. The planet has canyons, fissures, meteor craters, mountains, and so many more formations. It’s not difficult to find the similarities between the Red Planet and Arizona with our landscapes. Just remove the plants, animals, and bright blue skies (it’s pretty hazy on Mars) and you’ll easily find a double for Mars. Here’s a look at some places that look pretty similar to our stellar neighbor.

Can you think of any other places that could easily be mistaken for Mars? If you want to check out more gorgeous landscapes around the state, check out these hidden places that will help you to relax.