This One Spot In Arizona Should Be The 8th Wonder Of The World

What is your absolute favorite thing about Arizona? Endless sunny days? Hundreds of miles of hiking trails? The rugged, ever-changing landscape?

It’s probably safe to say most people will agree that Arizona’s natural landscape is probably one of its best selling points and for good reason! There are numerous spots that brimming with beauty and plenty of contenders for receiving the label of “Most Beautiful Place In The World.” In fact, since we already have one of the seven natural wonder of the world sitting within our boundaries (the Grand Canyon, in case you forgot), there are plenty of other places that could be considered for an eighth spot. Which place would you choose? Here’s the one we have in mind.

Antelope Canyon is part of the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park and access is restricted to guided tours only. There are a handful of companies that offer tours and a list of them can be found on the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation website.

If reading about Antelope Canyon has given you a desire to visit some other canyons around the state, you’re in luck! There are plenty to choose from and you can read about some of our favorites in 15 Underrated Canyons In Arizona That Will Take Your Breath Away.