10 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The 80s In Arizona

I was an ‘80s kid and nothing could quite beat sitting back to watch “Rainbow Brite” or “The Wallace and Ladmo Show” with my Cabbage Patch doll in tow. I was a little young to participate in some of these activities but here is a list of ten things other ‘80s kids (and their adults) may also remember.

2. …or at the Cine Capri.

3. Going to Legend City in the early ‘80s.

4. Being the last generation to watch “The Wallace and Ladmo Show.”

Oh, how I wanted a Ladmo Bag 🙁

5. And waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

This video is 20 minutes long but it brings back lots of memories.

What other things do you remember from the ‘80s? Tell us in the comments below!