This Is What Life In Arizona Looked Like In 1930s And 1940s Arizona. WOW!

I think for a lot of young people, it can be difficult to imagine what life looked liked 20 years ago. It was the time period when the Internet was just starting to gain popularity, when CDs and cassette tapes still dominated music sales and when DOS was still a popular computer operating system. I’ve worked with younger kids and sometimes it blows their minds thinking that if you needed to complete a research paper, you still had to use the card catalog and encyclopedias back in the mid-90s instead of typing a few words into Google.

But any time period beyond that? It might as well have been the Middle Ages. So, if there are any kids out there (or even adults) who are curious what life looked like years before you were ever born, check out these photos!

How do you think you, as your current self, would have fared in life all those years ago? Is there anything you’re thankful to have now that people didn’t have then? Share your thoughts in the comments section here!

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