This Timelapse Of Arizona Monsoons Shows The Sheer Power Of Nature

The Southwest is well-known for it’s dramatic storms, particularly during monsoon season. Although these incredible storms are hardly a rare event here, watching them form and move in timelapse footage is positively mesmerizing. Experiencing these supercell storms from below is completely different from watching them from afar, and photographer Mike Olbinski perfectly captured both the beauty and the sheer power of nature in this timelapse movie of monsoons moving across the desert.

We can’t tear our eyes away from this beautiful footage! The clouds remind us of rippling tides. Sometimes it’s important to stop, look up, and marvel at how amazing this state is!

You can find more of Mike Olbinski’s beautiful work on his YouTube channel and photography website, and check out his incredible timelapse videos of a Texas supercell that we recently featured as well!