This Abandoned Ghost Town In Arizona Was Once A Quintessential Wild West Town

Abandoned places in Arizona are both haunting and beautiful. On one hand, seeing the crumbling ruins of what once was is undeniably eerie, and you can’t help but look over your shoulder in search of who – or what – could be lurking behind the dilapidated buildings. On the other hand, however, these forgotten destinations are fascinating; they leave us to wonder what their better days looked like and speculate about the kinds of memories that may linger in the air.

Two Guns, a former rough-and-tumble Route 66 town, is one such place. While the town – widely considered to be one of the eeriest abandoned places in Arizona – was left to decay in the harsh desert elements in the 1970s, its story is one of tragedy, conflict, hope, and the mindset of endless possibility that swept through America during the early 1900s. Take a look at these incredible photographs by Johnny Joo to see the striking reality of what Two Guns has become.

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of abandoned destinations, many of the places featured in this series are off-limits to visitors or have actually been demolished. We do not condone trespassing and other illegal activity but rather encourage readers to enjoy learning about these fascinating destinations.

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Special thanks to Cleveland-based photographer Johnny Joo of Odd World Studio for the photos used in this article. For more images, you can check out his website, Architectural Afterlife.

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Address: Two Guns, AZ 86047, USA