58 Years Ago, Alaska Was Hit With The Worst Blizzard In State History

One of the worst blizzards in Alaska took place in one of the snowiest spots on the planet, Thompson Pass, outside of Valdez, Alaska. In 1963, a blizzard dropping six and a half feet filled mile 47 of the Richardson Highway during one of the largest snowfalls ever recorded on the planet — not surprising for an area that breaks snowfall records regularly!

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

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If you want to read more about Thompson Pass and its record-breaking snowfalls, read more about how It’s Impossible To Forget The Year Alaska Saw Its Single Largest Snowfall Ever!

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October 04, 2021

What can I do in Alaska during the winter?

Most people think about traveling to Alaska during the summer when the days are long and there are endless recreational opportunities. Understandably, winter in Alaska can be a bit more intimidating of a time to travel. Of course, you shouldn’t rule out this option as Alaska during the wintertime is simply magical. If you’re planning to experience Alaska during the colder months, you can look forward to all kinds of seasonal activities, such as looking for the Northern Lights, dog sledding, skating, skiing, and snowmobiling. There are also plenty of Alaskan resorts that are tailor-made for a winter getaway. Many of these places even feature hot springs where you can enjoy a soak after a long day of winter adventures.

What are some of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Alaska?

Experiencing the Northern Lights is truly a bucket list experience. And here in Alaska, opportunities for spotting this elusive phenomenon are abundant. One of the best places to go to increase your chances of spotting the Northern Lights is Fairbanks. Due to the prolonged darkness in winter, strong auroral activity, and the number of tours offered there, Fairbanks is a great option. In fact, Fairbanks is considered to be one of the world’s top destinations for spotting the Northern Lights.

Can I go hiking in the winter in Alaska?

Hiking in Alaska during the winter is possible, although you will need to take several precautions. Dressing appropriately, having a plan, and bringing lots of gear are all essential. That being said, there are plenty of trails that prove to be beautiful during the wintertime, and winter hiking is worth the extra effort. Some of the best winter hiking destinations in Alaska include Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Spaulding Meadows, Burns Glacier, Powerline Pass, Milo Lakes, White Mountains, Admiralty Island, Turnagain Arm, Knoya Peak, Haines, Tongass National Forest, Peterson Lake, Salmon Creek, and Rainbow Lake Trail. To learn more about these winter hiking destinations in Alaska, click here.

Address: Alaska, USA