28 Things You Know Are True If You Went To A Small High School In Alaska

If you went to a small high school in Alaska, chances are that you were used to everyone knowing your name. You probably couldn’t go to church or the grocery store without seeing one of your teachers or friends from school. Growing up an Alaskan kid in a remote town is probably the coolest and most unique experience ever. Although oftentimes it takes graduating and leaving for a while for you to fully recognize how great it all was, and how the rareness of it all was undeniably special. Here are 28 things that you know are true if you went to a small high school in Alaska.

Riding your snow-machine to school, playing football in the snow, having epic summer adventures getting dirty outside and dancing to the beat of your own drum in a school where everyone knows your name… There is nothing quite like going to a small high school in Alaska. Can you think of anything we should add to the list?

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