Valdez Is One Of The Most Important Towns In Alaska, And It’s Loaded With History

This historic town has truly stood the test of time. After being nearly totally destroyed by the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake and Tsunami, the community members in this special place strongly stood together and completely rebuilt from the ground up. Today it is a flourishing area that is known for its most northernmost port, oil pipeline, epic sport and commercial fishing, renowned heli-skiing adventures, thriving tourism industry, epic canyon with huge waterfalls, gleaming glaciers in Prince William Sound, whitewater rafting and fascinating amounts of snow in the wintertime. Oh, and the fun, kind and hospitable locals are some of the best people you will meet in the last frontier!

Valdez is pretty incredible, huh? Now for an extra wow-factor, check out this video from January, 2014 which documents a huge avalanche that occurred (closing the road for several days) in the Keystone Canyon/Lowe River area. Alaska is such a massive, unforgiving place and this video truly puts that into perspective all too well.

Do you love experiencing new places in the last frontier? If so, you will love this tiny, charming town that is truly one of Alaska’s best kept secrets.