The Unique Alaska Town That Looks Straight Out Of Star Wars

Nome is a far away place with a stark beauty different from the rest of the world. There are no trees in this windswept coastal community, and the Norton Sound of the Bering Sea spreads before it endlessly. Standing sentinel in the snowy hills are abandoned relics of times past, from intriguing military installations to mining equipment. All of these features combined make wintertime Nome reminiscent of Hoth, the ice planet of the Star Wars universe featured in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. See if you agree that Nome is the Star Wars town in Alaska.

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Have you been to Nome, the Star Wars town in Alaska? Do you agree it looks straight out of Star Wars? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Address: Nome, AK, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

The Unique Alaska Town That Looks Straight Out Of Star Wars

May 03, 2021

What are the most unique towns in Alaska?

Alaska just might be the most unique of all of the United States. Some of the most unique towns in Alaska, in fact, you can only reach by air or by sea. If you want to visit Sitka, for example, you’ll have a nine-hour ferry ride from Juneau. However, that ride promises an abundance of gorgeous scenery, leading to a town that offers an eclectic mix of old Russia and modern America. If you like a rain and a lot of it, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Adak. The breathtaking town receives up to 260 days of rain a year. Gustavus, Cordova, and Little Diomede are some of the other most unique towns in Alaska that are well-worth the effort to visit.

What is there to do in the town of Nome in Alaska?

The town of Nome in Alaska is a must-visit, and you’ll definitely want to stay overnight at the enchanting Aurora Inn. In fact, once you check in, you may never want to check out, especially after gazing out over the Bering Sea. Choose between a cozy standard room or a more luxurious suite, and settle in for a relaxing stay. A stay in Nome also means a visit to Pingo Bakery and Seafood House. As one of the top restaurants in Nome, the eatery serves a selection of scrumptious baked goods and tasty lunches. However, make sure you go with a hearty appetite, so you can savor every sweet bite.

What are the coolest places in Alaska?

If you’re on the hunt for the coolest places in Alaska, you’ll find a ton of ‘em – from fun and original restaurants to one-of-a-kind daytrips. The Hammer Museum in Haines, which you can easily find by looking for the building-size hammer on the front lawn, is just one of those places you have to see to appreciate. Alaska’s also dotted with spellbinding ice caves; does it get any cooler than that? For perhaps the coolest place in Alaska, visit The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, which connects Whittier to Bear Valley. It’s North America’s longest single-lane highway tunnel, and it spans more than 2.5 miles.

Address: Nome, AK, USA