20 Surefire Ways To Always Spot A Tourist In Alaska

Tourists, how we love them so! Each year the residents of Alaska wait anxiously for the month of May to roll around so that their commute time to work can be twice as long and their wait in line at the grocery store can somewhat resemble that of a traveling circus. Although the influx of human life in the serene state can be a bit overwhelming at first, Alaskans are proud to share their state with anyone that has a passion for the great outdoors.

Alaska is the largest state in the nation, yet is still so wild and untouched. So naturally, it’s no wonder that tourism is ranked as the second largest industry in the state. With an economic impact upwards of 4 billion dollars annually, it’s hard not to love the tourists. But with that love comes lots of laughs. From stopping in the middle of oncoming traffic to take a picture of a bear, to posing with inanimate objects, here are 20 surefire ways to always spot a tourist in the land of the last frontier.

Well it’s a fact: Alaska is known for attracting people that seem to “dance to the beat of their own drum.” And believe it or not, these are all surefire ways to spot a tourist in Alaska. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever spotted a tourist doing in your state?