The Alaska Travel Diary That Is Guaranteed To Cause Severe Daydreaming

The mighty Last Frontier is filled with a plethora of phenomenal places that you simply HAVE to see before you die. From major attractions to hidden gems, the 49th state offers more breathtaking natural beauty than anywhere else in the world. Our majestic mountain peaks are guaranteed to ruin you for life. Plus the fierce beauty of our glaciers is like something straight out of a fairy tale. With a variety of spectacular regions all widely different from the next, Alaska is guaranteed to capture your heart and never let it go. Now here’s a little eye-candy to remind you why you need to start planning those summer adventures ASAP.

Fuel your wanderlust a little bit extra with these seven unforgettable road trips in Alaska that you’ve just gotta take before you die. When the sun is shining and all that snow finishing melting, these 15 incredible hikes under 5 miles that will lead you to the most unforgettable places. For more great articles and incredible video footage from Alaska, be sure to check us out online HERE.