This Timelapse Footage Of The Milky Way In Alaska Is Positively Mesmerizing

The galaxy that contains our solar system is a pretty rare sight to behold, yet when you have the opportunity to feast your eyes on the Milky Way it is a breathtaking experience each and every time. The dim glowing band dancing across the night sky is incredible to experience no matter where you are in the world, but when you’re in Alaska it’s on a whole new level. The feeling is so magical that it truly must be experienced in person to be fully believed.

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This footage below over Knob Lake (located off the Glenn Highway) features the most breathtaking display of the Milky Way that you’ll ever lay eyes on. Be prepared to get chills – it’s that incredible!

If you thought that timelapse footage was incredible, check out this one of the Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) in Alaska. It is mind blowing!