The Story Of This Terrible Shipwreck In Alaska Is Absolutely Bone Chilling

Alaska had its own version of the Titanic tragedy when an elegant ship sank suddenly, taking many lives. On October 25, 1918, the Princess Sophia set out to travel south down Alaska’s Inside Passage from Skagway to Vancouver, B.C. Instead, the final destination was the icy waters outside Juneau on Vanderbilt Reef where the ship catastrophically sunk. The wreck of the Princess Sophia was the worst maritime accident in the history of British Columbia and Alaska.

Bjorn Dihle details the story in the book “Haunted Inside Passage”. Watch a video of an interview with him here:

The Orpheus Project, a local Juneau opera group, announced that the group has a new opera in development about the Princess Sophia that is scheduled to premiere in October 2018.

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