These Terrifying Swinging Bridges In Alaska Will Make Your Stomach Drop

There is a saying that goes a little something like this; sometimes the scariest things in life are the most worthwhile. When you take super-long swinging bridges that are hundreds of feet in the air (over top wildlife habitat that very likely has bears in it), and pair them with heart-pounding ziplining excursions that are your only means to get to the other side, well… that quote rings true. Because without diving in head first, you will miss out on all the extraordinary beauty that the Tongass National Forest has to offer. And let’s just say, the risk is DEFINITELY worth the reward.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

If the pictures didn’t already make you want to dive head first into this epic adventure, you’ve got to check out the video footage below. What a terrifying yet totally worth it experience to have. We are shaking in our boots just thinking about it! Only in Alaska folks, Only in Alaska!

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