This Spooky Small Town In Alaska Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

There is just something so creepy about a place that completely closes off to the outside world for the majority of the year. This tiny town may be a thriving little hot spot during the summer months, but what comes next will give you the chills. Nearly all of the businesses close down and you can count the number of residents on both your hands. The only way out is via snowmachine or if the weather is good, you might have a slim chance of hopping on a tiny little bush plane and making it back to civilization. If total darkness, abandoned buildings and complete isolation don’t give you the chills, then think about this: if you scream, the chance of someone hearing you is slim to none.

Are you fascinated with the unknown in the last frontier? If so, this eerie abandoned hotel in Alaska will be sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Also, this footage captured at an abandoned Alaska cooper mine is truly grim. Get ready to have the chills!