These 8 Songs About Alaska Will Touch Your Soul Today

When you think of a musical state, I’m positive Alaska doesn’t come to mind. We’re more of a scenic state with an intriguing past rather than one steeped in musical history. Interestingly, most songs mentioning Alaska use the name of our state in the title rather than the rest of the song, and the ones that do mention Alaska in the song generally use it in a metaphorical sense refering to Alaska as a whimsical, far away place. These 8 songs will make you proud to be an Alaskan, we promise!

  1. “American Child” by John Denver

2. “To The Wild Country” by John Denver

3. “North To Alaska” by Johnny Horton

4. “When It’s Springtime In Alaska (It’s 40 Below)” by Johnny Horton

5. “The Alaska Song (Under The Midnight Sun)” by Lacy J. Dalton

6.”Alaska” by Black Irish Band

7. “Alaska Bloodline” by Joe and Bing

8. “Alaska” by Dr. Dog

What other “Alaska” songs can you think of?