Sometimes The Snow Comes Down In June… In Alaska

It has been an unseasonably cold spring and summer this year in Alaska. A cold front dropped down onto the state and brought icy winds and freezing nights to the interior in June, a time when normally residents are soaking in the midnight sun and temperatures are well into the 70’s. For example, on the same week in the interior town of Fairbanks in 2017, the temperatures ranged from a high of 79 down to a low of 50 degrees at night. With the summer solstice now less than 2 weeks away and continuous daylight, snow comes down and near-freezing temperatures have occurred in many of the usual cold spots in the interior.

Monday, June 11 was a very chilly day in Fairbanks. It is interesting that with a high temperature of 53°F, Monday’s daily mean temperature was a mere 45°F. There hasn’t been a day so cold in June or July in Fairbanks since 1979. On Tuesday, June 12th, the temperature dipped to 36 degrees in Fairbanks, matching a record last reached in 1931. The cold snap wrecked havoc on gardens since it was well past the generally accepted planting date of Memorial Day. In Glennallen, there was a full blanket of snow. Alaskans try to never act surprised when it’s cold, but this unexpected freeze caught many off guard. People here learn to face the hardships imposed by the weather conditions with a positive attitude, even when the snow comes down in June.

More information on the cold snap here.


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