These 8 Road Trips In Alaska Will Take You Places You’ll Never Forget

There are so many things to see in Alaska, all the way from massive glaciers to towering mountains, quiet lakes, curious wildlife, roaring waterfalls and more. The great thing about our state is that you never really have to drive too far to experience it all. Some of these day trips may be just a leg of your usual routine, but when you take time to slow down and smell the roses you might notice things you never had before. Make sure to take time in your schedule to plan a day to explore one of the best road trips in Alaska. They all deserve to be on your bucket list!

Beautiful scenery and a glimpse into mother nature are at your finger tips when you take one of these day trips through Alaska. If you keep your eyes open and take your time, you’ll not only get an amazing experience checking out some of the most scenic drives in Alaska, but a very relaxing escape as well.

Are there any more drives you would add to the best road trips in Alaska list? Let us know in the comments below!

Address: Alaska, USA

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Best Road Trips In Alaska

May 08, 2020

What are the most well known parks in Alaska?

Alaska is famous for both amazing national and state parks. Without a doubt the most famous is Denali National Park. Home to the tallest mountain in North America, this national park is on many people’s bucket lists. It’s located in the interior of Alaska in a designated wilderness area. There’s only one road in, and it doesn’t go very far compared to how large the park is. Many people choose to take flight seeing tours of the park, because it’s hard to see much of it from the single road the park has. That road however, the Denali Park Road, is stunningly beautiful, and made the list above. Book a ticket on one of the park buses to experience true Alaskan wilderness!

What are the best day trips in Alaska?

It depends on where you’re starting your day from, as Alaska is so huge that a day trip from Anchorage may be a weekend trip from Fairbanks. There are many wonderful places to visit in Alaska, and these road trips highlight quite a few of them. Eklutna Lake is a wonderful spot to visit from Anchorage. If you’re in the Talkeetna area, driving the Denali Park Road is an incredible experience. If you’re in Seward, taking any of the whale watch tours, or hiking out to Caines Head are both wonderful day trips. If you’re visiting Homer, take a trip out to Halibut Cove for a wonderful and unique day trip experience kayaking the lovely coves in the area. There is so much to see and do in our state!

Address: Alaska, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.