25 Reasons Why Everyone Should Marry An Alaskan

Not to be cliche, but hey – sometimes size does matter. And marriage is something that we take very seriously, so why not go big or go home? When you marry an Alaskan, you are sure to always be in for an adventure. Plus, you will be fed the best quality meat and seafood that this earth has to offer. And there is no quicker way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart than through their belly.

Alaskans will hunt for you, jump in a frozen lake to save you, build you a log cabin with their bare hands, protect you with an arsenal of guns and take you on dates to view the Northern Lights. When you marry an Alaskan you are sure to be in for quite the ride. But that’s okay, we like our soulmates just like our seafood – WILD. Can you think of anything that we left off the list?

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