15 Reasons To Drop Everything And Visit The Alaska Panhandle

Each and every region in Alaska varies so drastically from the next. If you were an original explorer of this great land, you’d likely think that you were traveling to multiple states because the terrain and climate here is so diverse. Southeast Alaska is special and completely unique on so many magnificent levels. It is lush, filled with natural beauty and vastly untouched.

It’s no surprise that over half of all visitors that travel to the panhandle via cruise ship end up coming back at a later date to further explore. Because as you’ll find below, it’s impossible to appreciate the true magnitude of this distinctive region without getting up close and personal with its raw, rugged attributes. Here are 15 reasons to drop everything and visit the Alaska panhandle.

As if you aren’t already convinced that the Alaska panhandle is somewhere that you need to visit ASAP, check out this video that proves it is impossible not to fall in love with Alaska’s state capital of Juneau.