7 Scenic Rail Trails In Alaska That Are Downright Picture Perfect

There are many challenging hiking trails in The Last Frontier to explore, but if you are looking for something a little easier with spectacular scenery, consider taking a jaunt along the rail trails in Alaska. Rail trails are generally flat and have gentle curves as they are placed on top of defunct railroad lines. Often they are paved making the trails ideal not only for pedestrians, but also for bikes, skates, strollers, and wheelchairs — giving access to everyone who wants to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Let’s take a look at seven of these trails that are absolutely stunning.

You can find more information about these rail trails in Alaska and trail maps on the Trail Link website. If you love to go hiking, try one of these majestic trails that are perfect for exploring the Alaskan outdoors during wintertime.

Have you ever biked or walked any of these scenic rail trails in Alaska? Which one was your favorite? Share your experiences in the comments section below.