The One-Of-A-Kind Park In Alaska That’s Picture Perfect For A Day Trip

Gold Rush days of Alaska happened in the early 1900’s when prospectors and fortune seekers from all over the world rushed to one tiny outpost in the West to another, chasing gold dust and dreams of a better future. From that time forward, the newly arrived residents of Alaska’s interior carved a life, and a town, out of the often inhospitable wilderness. The Alaskans who braved the conditions long before the cushy latte huts and high-speed internet of today are referred as the pioneers.

To celebrate the pioneers, an amazing community park was constructed for the 1967 celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Alaska being purchased from Russia. The Park opened on May 27, 1967 for the Alaska ‘67 Centennial Exposition and has been a focal point for community gathering and recreation, tourism and industry ever since. Explore history or simply play in the sunshine at Pioneer Park right in the middle of Fairbanks, the golden heart of the interior.

Spend a day at Pioneer Park to learn, play and breathe the fresh air in the sunny Fairbanks summers.