The Most Criminally Overlooked Town In Alaska And Why You Need To Visit

When it comes to hidden gems in Alaska, one thing that you need to remember is to never let size fool you. In the case of Hope, a tiny drive-by town on the Kenai Peninsula, it’s one of those places where if you blink – you’re guaranteed to miss the turn off. But we are here to tell you to keep your eyes peeled at all costs. There is no place in the Last Frontier quite like this charming, historic town filled with more outdoor activities that you can even imagine. You never know, it just might become your new favorite place to enjoy a weekend getaway!

No post about Hope would be complete without mentioning one of the most popular activities in the area – whitewater rafting Six Mile Creek. This awesome, adrenaline packed excursion offers more thrills, shrieks and screams that anything else you’ll ever do in Alaska. And you know what? It’s a total blast!

Another incredible place that you simply must visit this year is this charming coastal town in Alaska where you can completely unwind. Also, you’ll never forget a summer day trip to this unique and totally idyllic town in Alaska.