In Case You Were Wondering, Here’s Why Alaska Is Insanely Warm This Fall

This fall season 2018, the weather in Alaska and the Arctic has been insanely warm. There is a freak high-pressure system over the northern part of Alaska and it has been holding summer hostage, keeping at bay the cold winds of winter that usually land on the Interior and Northern Alaska regions by October. Weather scientists are shocked by these changes, while many Alaskans are just soaking in these insanely warm autumn days.

The current weather report for Alaska shows the lingering effects of this high-pressure system and warmer-than-average weather and clear skies. Snow and freezing temperatures should be arriving soon enough, but these last few insanely warm autumn days are a gift to enjoy:

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How’s the weather where you are this fall? Has it been insanely warm? Tell us about it in the comments below.